what is Rounded Health?  

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Welcome to Rounded Health

Welcome to Rounded Health, 

The Nurse led Health service. Where I blend western, lifestyle and functional medicine with coaching  to help those with bigger bodies or long-term conditions achieve long lasting changes.

 I, Katie, set up this service in respond to becoming aware of the complexity of what leads to anyone having less than their best health. It’s never been as simple as eat less, move more – otherwise we would all have it down by now! 

We have to consider multiple aspects from: genetics, socio-economic status, mental health, health/fitness literacy, parental/peer influence, culinary literacy, access/ability, public health agendas and media influence. Rounded Health offer a weight neutral, accessible and  inclusive service that promotes rounded health.

I work with bigger bodied, and those with long term conditions such as  metabolic disorders, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and other long term conditions. 


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A not-for-profit health service of health care professionals coaching clients in managing their long-term conditions, focusing on the impacts of nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, genetics, psychology, physiology and biochemical individuality. A patient focused approach whereby the patient and practitioner work together to develop a plan of action that is individualised to their own specific needs and requirements. The Aim:

50% of profits are to be reinvested into the community 

 50% of profits to be reinvested into the development of the business.