what is Rounded Health?  

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Welcome to Rounded Health

Welcome to Rounded Health, an Nurse lead health, fitness, and coaching service. Run by Katie: a big bodied person and an independent Nurse prescriber with specialist interest in metabolic disorders and type 2 diabetes


Rounded Health offer a weight neutral, accessible and  inclusive service that promotes rounded health.

We work with people who see themselves as 'plus size', and those with metabolic disorders, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. 


what we do: 


Take a full medical history, life story and explore how to you want to optimise your health. 


Arrange blood tests, for monitoring and improvement purposes 


Liaise with your GP practice for possible medication changes


Liaise with your GP practice for formal diagnosis from our assessments, and Blood tests. 


Use positive psychology, motivational interviewing and behavior change theories to support our coaching 


Get people moving their bodies, changing their relationship with exercise – including doing chair based exercise groups. Plus size group sessions. Group/ local events that are fun focused


Use hip/waist measurement, fitness tests, wellness monitoring tools and traditional methods to monitor health improvements  


Give nutritional support including learning how to cook well on a budget and learning how to cook authentic meals with more of a health focus 


Improve health literacy – using Nursing knowledge and skills, we do bespoke education, and tutorials to deepen understanding of your health issues. 


Focus on quality of life        

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Nurse Health Coach

                             Katie Illingworth