About Katie 

Welcome to Rounded Health, The Nurse led Health and Fitness service Where I blend western, lifestyle and functional medicine with coaching and fitness to help those with bigger bodies or long term conditions achieve long lasting changes.

The Nursey bit:

I qualified as a Nurse in 2010 and have since worked in Accident and Emergency, community nursing, long term condition management and practice nursing – all highly skilled and rewarding positions. Since qualifying I have returned to university many times to add to my skill set, including to become a non-medical prescriber.

Along the way I completed my certificate in diabetes care at the University of Warwick. I found this area of medicine to be both fascinating and rewarding, allowing me to help patients to make long lasting changes to their health. I became the lead for diabetes care in the GP practice where I worked, but often found it frustrating that I didn’t have enough time with patients to really get to the root of optimising their health.

As we all know ten minutes with a health care professional simply isn’t long enough to solve the daily challenges we face when manging out health. Having had a holistic approach to health for many years, my interest in functional medicine and exercise developed naturally. My current journey into personal training and my training as a functional medicine health coach complement my experience as a nurse in the services I provide at Rounded Health.

My Personal health journey:

For much of my life I saw myself as ‘unhealthy’. From a young age I was ‘larger’ and the mental and physical strains of being ‘plus-size’ had a very real effect. Medication for childhood epilepsy and longer lasting asthma helped led to increases in my weight. These health issues plus the psychological effects of the diet & fitness culture meant I often felt isolated from the world of the ‘healthy’. 

I tried everything. All the fad diets and the non-fad diets. I tried herbal remedies, teas, unheard of things from the internet. I tried different hobbies and sporting events, and my weight went up and down. All along the way I felt isolated. I reached a point where I felt like an imposter giving health advice to other people and it made me crumble.

Taking a step back and focusing on myself I started to develop love and respect for myself,  no matter what body I am in. shifting my mindset to enjoying exercise as a way to connect with my body has been revolutionary. Seeing food as an expression of love for myself has been ground-breaking. I am still on this journey of healing and discovery. That’s because I’m human, just like you. Accepting where we are in life and working to achieve our best health – mentally, physically, socially and financially is the most rewarding, challenging and affirming thing you can do.

The insight that my personal journey has given me means that I am perfectly placed to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

How I want to help you

Having personal and professional experience of managing long term conditions and working with ‘plus size’ people means I have a grounded insight into the reality of how hard lifestyle changes are. 

Every body is different and we all have different lives. No single diet or exercise will suit everyone. I will work with you to help you realise your own unique approach to optimising health. I offer a weight, age, disease, disability, gender and race neutral service.

Katie's essential info 

Education History 

 Non- Medical Prescriber (v300)   Manchester Metropolitan University   2019

Certificate in Diabetes care           University of Warwick             2017               

 Clinical examinations (Including OSCE’s/ top to toe assessments) University of Bolton  2016

 Degree in Adult Nursing University of Southampton 2013 

 Mentorship Course University of Hertfordshire  2013 

 Foundations of Emergency Care University of Hertfordshire  2011

 Ad. Diploma in Adult Nursing University of Southampton 2010   

Professional cover

Nursing and midwifery council

Royal College of Nursing

Insured by Insync

Current Training Courses

 Functional medicine Health coach March 2021 -22

Personal trainer level 2, 3 – March 2021 

Completed Training Courses 

Level 2 food hygiene                                                  Food Safety Agency               2021

Minor Illness                                                    National Minor ailment course           2020

Group consultation training                                                                                         2019    

Childhood vaccinations                                                          Imms and Vacc           2017

Cytology                                              Northwest cytology training    2017, updated 2020 

 Mental Health In Everyday practice Good Health Manchester  2015 

 Advanced Care Planning Maguire, Christies Manchester 2014 

 Palliative, Chronic, complex and end of life care. Cambridge NAPP course 2014

 Syringe driver and Palliative medications CMFT 2014 

 Clinical Skills Course (5 days) Practitioner development UK LTD 2014

 Sage and Thyme communication CMFT 2014 

 Medication Management CMFT 2014 

 Pressure Ulcer Training CMFT 2014 

 Wound care and compression bandaging CMFT 2014 

 Advanced trauma Life Support The Royal London 2012 

 Intermediate Life Support Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital 2012 

 Paediatric Intermediate Life support Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital 2012 

 Triage and History taking Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital 2011 

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