what is Rounded Health?  


Walking Tour Du Mont Blanc, 2017

Welcome to rounded health where we love our bodies and improve our health!

 I established Rounded Health in May 2021, as I am passionate about supporting bigger bodied people in reclaiming their confidence to manage their health and thrive through life. I Qualified as a registered Nurse in 2010, from the university of Southampton. From there I worked across many sectors within the NHS including type 2 diabetes management. I developed a real passion for supporting people who struggled with their weight and had developed low self-esteem and body confidence issues. Seeing the benefit positive attitudes could make to health, I recognised I couldn’t provide the support within the time sensitive nursing roles I had. I went onto study in independent non-medical prescribing, nutritional therapy, personal training, and functional medicine health coaching – all to be able to support and grow people’s ability to feel comfortable and healthy within their own bodies, whatever size, shape or age. 

 Due to my own personal desire to make long lasting health changes from a place of love and acceptance of her body, I coach with a deep sense of empathy for the challenges bigger bodied people face. I have always been bigger bodied, and had my weight fluctuate throughout the years. I developed some disordered patterns around food and exercise and have spent much time and money in my pursuit of health and wellbeing. Over the years I have developed a deep understanding of how traditional, complimentary, diet and exercise medicine alongside psychological support is the only way to change our circumstances. That’s because It’s never been as simple as eat less, move more – otherwise we would all have it down by now! We must consider multiple aspects from: genetics, socio-economic status, mental health, trauma, health/fitness literacy, present lifestyle choices, parental/peer influence, self-limiting beliefs, culinary literacy, access/ability, public health agendas and media influence.

 So I’m hear to support those who are tired of being told the same advice but never achieving it, I’m here to listen and explore what is blocking you from achieving what you want in life. I’m hear to help you love and appreciate your body at all stages of life. 

 So if your up for loving your body and improving your health, get in touch – I’m excited to work with you.

 Nurse Katie x
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