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Rounded Health
Welcome to Rounded Health, The Nurse Health and Wellbeing service where we love our bodies and improve our health! 

Health Coaching is supported self-management of your health. It is a person-centred process that is based upon behaviour change theory. Health coaching is part of the NHS long term plan, and is supported by NHS England and Health Education England. Working with me on a package will mean we will closely examine your health aspirations, goals and then focus on achievable outcome to get there. we will talk though all aspects of your life, to see how they have impacted your health over the years. I use my Nursing skills by taking a full history, timeline, pattern of your daily activities and we explore disease symptoms and signs. Together we devise a health plan that suits your personality and lifestyle, that can last. 

To get the best out of your time with me, I suggest booking a minimum of 4 - 6 sessions to get the ball rolling towards your new understanding of health and wellbeing. 

Nurse Health coaching 

want to understand your health better? 

sick of not feeling well?

want to lose weight but hate diet culture? 

I hear you! and I would like to help. 

In these Nurse health coaching sessions we will: discuss all about your life and how your health has been impacted, and how you want to change it. We create a timeline of your health to look for patterns for when your health has een impacted. We will also work through several tools that will help you gain insight as to how you want your life and health to really be long term. 

You will come away with

 - a greater kindness and appreciation of your body.

 - Understanding your health concerns

 - knowing which health, food and exercise advice suits your unique needs best 

- how to manage your health for the long term 

- health goals

 - action and accountability plans 

These sessions are a mixture of presentations, conversation, behavioural change tools and a bit of humour. You will come away feeling in control and understanding your health needs, how to love and embrace your body throughout life, and long-lasting habits that reflect your unique personality and desires from life. Don’t forget to bring a pad and pen to sessions, as you may find you want to take notes ; )


45 mins per session

Private Blood tests

want to know more about how well your body is functioning?

let me help you understand your body better. We will do an initial consultation about your concerns and together decide what blood or urine tests are suitable for your needs. After the test results is in, we have a second consultation to discuss the results. 

Prices vary

  • Food intolerances
  • Female hormones
  • Advanced diet and lifestyle testing
  • Gut health
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Test and consultations around results can be part of a bespoke Nurse health coaching package, as I often support people post tests on implementing lifestyle changes that will reduce health implications. 

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15 mins

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