Blood tests can be order through Rounded health. Test Kits are sent to your home address. Results available through Rounded health and can be sent to you to download in a PDF. Results come with a Doctor reviewed section of advice and interpretation. Rounded Health does not offer confirmed diagnosis - any results that need further investigation will be escalated to your GP. Rounded Health will review your results with you, and support you in understanding them, and in applying nutritional fitness and lifestyle changes to optimise your health

 Blood tests available include: 
 Full blood count Hba1c – Diabetic screening 
Lipid Profile – including non-HDL, HDL, total HDL, LDL and Triglycerides 
Kidney function – Urea, Creatinine, EGFR 
 Liver Function – ALP, ALT 
Omega 3, 6 
 Creatinine Kinase 
 Uric Acid
 Iron, transferrin saturation, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 
 Vitamin D 
Thyroid function including T3 
 Female hormones
 And many more 

Prices dependant on your requirements.